How to Size Crochet Beanies


When you crochet beanies from the top down and you stop increasing, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the hat won’t continue to widen for a few rows. It will take several rows after stopping the increases before it begins to really straighten out on the sides. So, we have a handy dandy chart that tells you when to stop increasing so you don’t end up with a fruit bowl or worse: a lamp shade.

If you are making for a child, you will want to stop increasing when the width of the hat reaches about 6.5”. Use the guide above as a general rule of thumb. Check the width of your beanie after every round. When you get the crown of the hat about as wide as suggested, simply stop increasing. If you stop increasing at 6.5″ and have 60 sts in that round, you would continue making 60 st rows until you reach the desired length. In this case about 7.5 – 8″.

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